Frequently Asked Questions

Australian Fishing Tournaments (AFT) is the owner / event organisation that run the Evans Head Fishing Classic (EHFC). AFT is experienced in running events with the North Coast Fishing Bonanza as well as many Bream / Bass tournaments over its 12 years, AFT runs annually around 12 events and as such has equipment and software and experience to run the EHFC in a professional and sustainable way to keep this fantastic event around for many years to come.

Lets go over some key features of the event to make it easier for everyone to understand:

  1. Event is a photograph length based event (Catch N Snap). Why? In this day and age there is a lot of movement towards being “fish friendly”, by having a photo based event, you don’t have to bring in that large fish to weigh-in, meaning that if you are so inclined you are able to release it with care and keep those larger breading fish in population and still win that beloved big fish prize.
  2. No restricted bag limits. Why? Because it is a photo based event, we hope the larger breading fish are released and people are able to keep the better eating plate sized fish, there is no harm in keeping a feed and the Fisheries NSW has set bag limits based on stocks and they know more then we do about fish stocks, so if Fisheries NSW says it is OK to keep a certain number then we think that is OK also.
  3. Larger Fishing Regions, we have the area from Byron to Yamba open for launching and fishing for both estuary and offshore. Why? There are 2 reasons for this, the first being that it helps spread the load of competitors over a larger region which will help the local stock of fish not get pressured as much as in the past as well as when there is a bad weather day, restricting boats to a small system at Evans is not a good idea, so spreading the options to different systems opens up more fishing opportunities for everyone.
  4. Electronic Systems for entry and random draws. Why? AFT has had custom software developed to make entering and winning easier for everyone, by doing this the weigh-in system and the random draws can be run more smoothly and abide by lotteries NSW rules and keep the flow of the event better then every. Of course you can still enter on paper entry, we will enter the data for you if you cant or dont want to.

We hope the information above and the FAQ’s below will help you and provide all the information you need but dont forget this is a summary, for full details please read the Terms and Conditions first.

AFT will be adding FAQ’s to the library below as we get asked questions we may not of thought about so dont be afraid to contact us to ask any questions you might need answered


When can we enter and how?

You can enter anytime once the entry form is uploaded. You can enter right up to 30 minutes before the final draw to get into the random draw prizes, you dont have to fish or catch the largest fish to win!
Entries can be done via

  1. Online
  2. At Frogleys Offshore in Ballina (info on entry page)
  3. Onsite as per the timetable

All options require the participant to attend the briefing to collect their ID’s and token and hear the event and safety information. You can not fish earlier then the starting time and you need your ID for you token to count which is collected on the briefing night.
Remember there will be a large line on the briefing afternoon for people who enter, so the more entries we collect online the more prepared we can be and make the whole entry process as smooth as possible. If you do enter on the day it is no problem, there will be computer there to enter, and staff there to help fill it in if you have problem, we will take your photo, then go have some food and drinks and come back to collect your ID later, we will process it for you in the background.
See you there!

What is the new online weigh-in and app?

The app is a new mobile application which will be available for download and privide AFT a way of communication information to competitors as well as makign it easier to weigh fish in during the event.

Do I have to use the app or online weigh-in system?

This is a new system designed to allow easier weigh-in of fish and people to fish out of the area easier. If you are unable to use the app, we will allow special permission to use the old paper entry method, but permission must be sort at the admin tent.

What is the briefing and why do I have to go?

The Compulsory briefing is event information and main safety briefing, you will be informed on all information related to the event as well as pickup you ID’s. You must have at least 1 member of your team attend, if you cant attend you will have to listen to the briefing the next day or when you pickup your ID. We understand some people cant make it which is why we give the option to do when you pickup ID.

It is also time to be able to ask any question about the event and weighin procedures.

What is the Cadet / Junior Comp About?

As part of the Evans Head Fishing Classic, we have decided to put more attention on a dedicated cadet / junior competition on the weekend in conjunction with the main comp. It does not replace the other comp or deter from it, just adds onto the comp and puts a spotlight on the talented young fisherman.

Can a cadet / junior fish in the Week Long comp and go into the main random draws?

Any cadet or junior can upgrade to the Adult main comp.

If upgrading to Adult they will get to choose what comp they want to fish in,

1. to compete in the adult division or
2.  just upgrade for the Random Draws and not fish in the Adult Comp. If a Junior wants to upgrade to an Adult but stay fishing as a Junior that is fine, but take note the rest of the weeks comp after the junior fishing section finishes they are not able to weigh fish in, as they have selected to upgrade only the Random Draws, or if they select to Upgrade and Fish as a Adult, then they are only able to weigh fish in as a Adult, not the weekend Junior comp.
3. Fish in Junior / Cadet on weekend and Adult during week, this is also fine BUT you can not change categories during the weekend, fish will only be entered in kids comp, then on Sunday night after kids finished, you HAVE to see us and and we will change you to adult comp to continue fishing for the week and have a chance to win the adult prizes.

How do I weigh-in my fish?

In 202 there are now 2 options:

Option 1: Traditional method

  1. Take photo of fish for comp (every legal fish that has a category counts)
  2. Record on catch sheet the details including species and length
  3. Bring catch sheet back to weigh-in tent with camera card or phone
  4. Officials take sheet and copy the photos for records
  5. Go out and do it again!

Option 2: New online system

1. Take photo of fish for comp (every legal fish that has a category counts)
2. Go to online page or app 
3. Log In and submit photo/s and length (no need to be back to submit catch sheet, it is done live)
4. Keep fishing and do it again!

If using the traditional method you must be back before the nightly cutoff to be in that days competition, if you are not in line before the cutoff your fish cant be weighed in for that days fishing, if last day then fish cant be weighed at all. If you are only weighing in for the overall, and not entering for daily, you just have to be back before the final cays cut-off. If you select this method then you will not be eligible for the largest daily prizes but will go in for overall prizes.
The officials will take your camera and catch sheet and copy the photos and record you catch info on the computers, its that simple!

If using the new online / app method, you dont need to come back in time for nightly draws, as you have submitted online, this way you can submit your catch while not in location and keep fishing, so you can win the daily prizes even if you cant make it back that afternoon. As long as you have the correct token then you are able to submit the daily fish.


When can I get the ID card?

You may collect you ID card as per the timetable, don’t forget you still have to go to the briefing!

What is Judges Choice?

Judges Choice is basically the choice of the officials for the most meritorious or most deserving capture of a species not on the fish prize list.

What do I take a photo of?
You take a photo of any legal fish you catch. in saying that if you are not competing for champion angler or team and don’t want to take a photo of every fish just your largest ones, then this is totally fine, you don’t have to weigh every fish in.
It is best if you take 2 photos of your largest fish, one on the mat with ID and token, and then one holding the fish, this can be used for press and or TV, it could be put on the screen the next day to highlight the largest fish caught the day before. It is always nice to have a record of the large fish you capture, why not share it!
Do you have to take a photo of every fish?
The answer to this is dependent on what you wish to compete for. If you dont want to compete for champion team or angler, then it is not as important to get points and you dont need a photo of every fish. You can just take photos of the largest fish and weigh in what you want like a normal comp. But if you are chasing the trophies, then it would advantageous to take a photo of every legal fish that is in the species list to be able to collect more points to win those trophies.
What time can you weigh in fish?

You can weigh in fish by bringing back the camera and catch sheet at any time the site is open, there is no restriction. The 12pm time is just for the next days token, so if you weigh in early you will need to come back later to get a token for the next day, but if the event site is open you can bring the card in and weigh fish.

If using the online or app system, you can submit 24 hours a day, no need to wait and record.


Do you need to have a camera per person?
A group of people can use the same camera, the officials will take the photos off the camera and sort later if needed, as long as the ID card is clearly visible then we can separate.
How do I take the photo of the fish NOT USING APP and record it?

To weigh-in a fish the fish must first be legal length and alive. You then take a photo of this fish and your Photo ID with that days token on a brag mat, making sure the mat is straight and the fish is touching the end of the mat and the tail is pointed out as in below picture.

Before the photo is taken make sure the camera date and time is set correctly, any incorrect dates will NOT be allowed to be submitted. If you don’t know how then ask Officials help.

Don’t forget to take a photo of you holding the fish as you don’t know where this will end up, a magazine on TV! Once you have this record your catch, size and time on the catch sheet and hand into the weigh-in officials at the end of the day with your photo.

Always try and get the most length out of the fish by pointing tail as above.

What am I able to fish for?
For the list of species, of which there are dedicated prizes for, is on the prizes page. Outside of this there is a Most Meritorious for species not listed which you can take a photo of anything you think is best in its category.
How and Where am I able to fish?

All forms of fishing is permitted from bait to lure or fly. You are permitted to fish from Land, Kayaks, Boats or Floats and are able to fish in the zone below anywhere where public access is allowed, no private dams or areas.
You can launch your boats anywhere in this area, but can’t go outside this area, GPS history is not to be deleted and made available if anyone is reported outside this area to officials, this can prove you are inside or outside the boundary, deleted history will be automatically mean you have been outside.

Map above shows the allowed locations.

Can I miss the nightly weigh-in and Draws?

You are able to miss the nightly events if you wish to stay fishing or can’t​ make it, it is your responsibility to check the website or facebook page for safety information as this is when it is announced. Note that you WILL not be able to claim your random draw prize if your name get slected, you have to be there to win the random draws.

Where do I find current event information?

All event information including weather, points and safety info will be on our website and our facebook page or on the app.
Officials will be on site between 9am and 7:3pm every day also if additional information is needed.

Event Safety Information / Offshore Closures?

At the nightly draws the next days safety information will be announced, if there is a strong wind warning the offshore portion will be called off, this is reviewed upon BOM updates and official forecast (not 3rd party websites).

Offshore species include Snapper, Pearl Perch, Sambo/AJ, Kingfish/ Cobia, and Trag there will be no fish weigh-in for that days prizes nor can you weigh-in for overall if caught on that day.

When do the draws start?

The draws are conducted nightly during the comp (see timetable for exact times). You have to be there to win and must have ID.

How do I get Champion Angler / Team?

Points are awarded for every legal fish that is in the prize categories. For every fish there is 1 point allocated up to a maximum of 10 points per species per day.

Additional points are awarded for the category daily and overall winners. Daily winners get 10 points additional points and the Overall winners get 1st 20 points, 2nd 10 points, 3rd 5 points additional. Teams points are added together from individual members as per the rules for members allowed,which is a total of 4 (adults or cadets who are 7 day entrants).

What happens if it is Raining / Storming at the draws?

If the weather is extreamly bad, 1 hour before the draw, at the weigh-in cutoff time there will be a call made if draws are to proceed and information will be on the TV’s as well as facebook or the app.

There will be no post-phoned the final draws and presentations, so come prepared with rain gear if the weather is bad on final day.

What is a token and how is it used?

A token is a uniquely identifying item we ask to be put in the picture as to now allow anyone to try and weigh in fish twice or fish caught previously, it is a way of making sure the fish are caught when people say they are caught. This is handed out for each day and can be collected from 12pm each day. Most people collect the token when they weigh in or at the random draws and that token go from collecting time until the cutoff the next day.

You can also choose to not weigh in daily and just fish the whole time and go for the overall prize, the overall prizes don’t need the daily token, just the 1st days token which you collect when you are at the briefing.

Daily tokens say they are available at 12pm, what does that mean?

This does not mean you have to be there at 12, it simply means you can get the next token from this time if a person comes in early to weigh fish, or wants to fish overnight and miss the random draws, they can come earlier then the 5pm cutoff and get a new token. Tokens are available at sponsor locations as advised at the event at briefing night.