Entry Information

Entry fee includes entry into the Fishing based pool and Random/Lucky Draws (based on entry type)

Cadets / Juniors can select to not only upgrade in the random draws but also the fishing category, so when entering please select the appropriate entry and fish as category, if you wish to fish in both then you can enter twice and enter the competition as a Junior / cadet as well as an adult to go in all draws.

Main Event

– Adult $140 including Fishing Mat Ruler

Kids Event Saturday and Sunday of the event dates

– Cadet $25 (13-16 years, Parent/Guardian must approve)
– Junior $10 (0-12 years, Parent/Guardian must approve)
Note: Can enter twice if they select to upgrade and fish all week as Adult but still want to be able to fish weekend as Junior / Cadet.

Entry is now done via the app, this is done so people get used to the app for weigh-ins. You can enter you whole team via the one login on the app to make it easier. Please watch the how to Videos in the app info page for more information.

Entries Open for 2024 Event in March 2024