2020 Entry Information


Dates: 26th June to 3rd July 2020. 


Entry fee includes entry into the Fishing based pool (based on age) and Random/Lucky Draws (based on entry type)


Cadets / Juniors can select to not only upgrade in the random draws but also the fishing category, so when entering please select the appropriate entry and fish as category, if you wish to fish in both then you can enter twice and enter the competition as a Junior / cadet as well as an adult to go in all draws.


The other new inclusion for 2020 is the Cadet Extended comp, basically means that the junior or Cadet can pay a small amount more and enter a week long comp, same as adults, because not paying full adult entry they are not included in random draws, but are able to fish the week for fishing based prizes.


Main Event


– Adult $130
– Cadet / Junior Upgrade $130 – Note: Random Draws upgraded but must select fish as adult if they wish to compete in the adult fishing based prizes, if upgraded but select fish as Junior / Cadet, then they will be upgraded for the random draws but not fishing based prizes.
– Cadet / Junior Extended Upgrade $50 – Note: Fishing based prizes only, not indluded in Adults random nightly and overall draws.


Kids Event Sunday 14th (Kids briefing at 8:00am on Sunday)


– Cadet $20 (12-16 years, Parent/Guardian must approve)
– Junior $10 (0-12 years, Parent/Guardian must approve)
Note: Can enter twice if they select to upgrade and fish all week as Adult but still want to be able to fish weekend as Junior / Cadet.






Behind Club Evans RSL