Day 7 – Friday

As the mullet gathered at the Evans Head break wall, the sun shone as brilliantly overhead as the water glistened like a thousand shimmering whitebait. Today, the last day of the Evans Head Classic, had everyone on edge. A light westerly blowing blue bottles further out to sea before strengthening a little later did not dissuade the competitors zipping about like a clownfish on heat.

Inshore, conditions were as perfect as a pearl perch fillet. We think Tegan Schneider mud skipped along the river to win largest bream with a 430mm model. While like a slimy eel slinking along the bottom, Alexander Klassen hid himself well and managed to extract a 405mm whiting from somewhere in the local area. Flathead also skulk around on the bottom but unlike a lowly catfish, they will rise to a bait and Kim Richter, enticed one of 960mm.

We assume, like a scurrying rock crab, Ryan Kernaghan found a spot where the tailor were biting and landed a 760mm fish for the day. Mulloway around here seem to congregate like an amassing of jellyfish and swarm the inshore reefs. There’s been some good ones caught this week, but Glenn Banks’s 1238mm fish was the biggest today.

Like a careful and ever watchful sergeant baker, Aydan Clothier chose his spots well and managed today’s largest snapper of 785mm. Luckily, he doesn’t have a bucket mouth as everyone else struggled for this popular species today. The larger species such as AJ, Coady Strong and kingfish/cobia, Brad Mayes were also represented.

Judges choice/meritorious went to tuna caught by Joseph Schells.