Gamakatsu/Anaconda Evans Head Fishing Classic Done and Dusted for 2022

Well, what a massive week and the best bit is that they saved the best for last. By they, we mean the weather gods. Absolutely turned it on for the last day with sunshine and a brilliant last night. The chill was in the air though as the evening wore on but more on that later.

Overall Winners

The Banks family fish hard offshore and Darcy banks was up and down like a yoyo as a result. He took AJ/sambo with a 919mm fish ahead of Arrow Oldfield and Coady Strong. Darcy was edged out in the king/cobia category with a 1170mm fish for Coady Strong taking out first with Darcy second and Alex Campbell third. Darcy also won the mulloway category with a massive 1330mm ahead of Stephen Bank and Glenn Banks. Stephen made up for the second placing for mulloway by taking out the Pearl perch category, beating Glenn Banks and Joshua Clark. The snapper were all big with a 938mm taking out first, That was landed by Alex Campbell. He beat Danny Samuels 930mm fish and Robert Hargraves’s 924mm fish. They are all good snapper. Trag were closely fought with a 775mm fish winning out over a 732mm and 720mm fish. The winning angler was Steven Ison.

The inshore guys fished hard, some for hours and hours at a time. One such crazy person was Alexander Klassen. He won the whiting category with a 450mm fish edging out Craig Priddy and Ryan Kernaghan. The tailor were huge too with a 900mm fish winning for Gary Enkelman ahead of Mark Bonnor and Monty Moore. The flathead did not crack the metre mark but Martin Soutar won with a respectable 918mm fish. Natalee Reynolds finished second and Bruce Jobson third. Ryan Kernaghan won dart with a 475mm fish ahead of Bernard Richter and Liam Flynn. A gargantuan 465mm bream won that category for Andrew Paterson and Blackfish was won by Brendon Palmer’s 465mm fish.

The judge’s choice went to a couple of good fish with a 1300mm mackerel winning for Shenoah McKenna ahead of a 1300mm hairtail and a 1003mm tuna which should have maybe been turned into sashimi for the organisers. Hint hint.

In the battle for the best anglers at the comp there were clear winners. Katelyn Bodley amassed a mountain of points to smash the women’s competition by a massive margin. Alexander Klassen did likewise to take out the Men’s category. The teams event also had a clear winner with Kman Fishing slaying the others to finish first ahead of the Ballina Angling Club and Banksies boys in third.

Following the conclusion of the overall awards we moved into the draws and again, most people, were there but unbelievably some anglers were also at home. One unlucky angler having been drawn for a massive 75-inch tv was at home when a friend gave him the call. Sadly, he was just seconds late. Incredibly, the next drawn winner was also out, shopping at Spa he said but managed to ride his bike down just in time.

The two winners of the cold hard cash were absolutely thrilled with their wins and excited to take home a win. Not a bad investment for the week.

As always, the organisers would like to thank the competitors who make this comp so much fun to organise. We will see you next year.

Overall Random Winners



$5,000 Cash Clay Forster
$5,000 Cash Raymond Moona
Lowrance HDS 9 Tracey Bodley
Lowrance HDS 9 Boyd Pates
Kayak Passport 12 Geoffery Hoss McGrath
Kayak Passport 10.5 Lille Knigge
TV 75 Max Roberts
TV 55 Robbie Toka
TV 50 Stephen Banks
Ramada Mark Bonnor

Main Random Draw Winners

Overall Fish Category Winners Photos

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