The final day of the competition saw the competitors start amassing in the show area after a enthusiastic final day of fishing. A few fish were upgraded and daily winners announced but what everyone wanted to know was who sat a top the leaderboard.

Many categories were hotly contested but there could be only one. AJ/Sambo was won by Ben Campbell with a 940mm fish. Blackfish was hotly contested with only a few cms between Alexander Klassen and second place to Brendon Palmer. The bream was similar with 1mm between first, second and third.

Offshore the pearl perch came in with the largest over 600mm. Trag also were large with Troy Robson landing a 785mm model.

With the overall awarded, attention turned to the random prizes and the kids went mad while the adult awaited the bush winner with abated breath. In the end , Denise Innes stood tall with the Quintrex/Evinrude Renegade 420 SC soon to find a place in the garage.

Kayaks from Hobie, another Quintrex/Evinrude boat and Engel fridge freezers filled out the remaining random draws.

A great event and we would like to thank all competitors for the great spirit shown through out the event.

Overall Random Winners



Quintrex Renegade / ETEC BMT Package Denise Innes
Quintrex Busta / ETEC BMT Package Michael Samuels
Lowrance HDS 12 Cynthia King
Lowrance HDS 9 Alex Charters
Hobie Outback Kayak Bradley Bambach
Lowrance Hook 12 John Bube
Hobie Mirage Kayak Casey O Donnell
Engel 40l Fridge Freezer Lilly Eva McFerguson
Engel 40l Fridge Freezer Patrick Ryan
50′ TV John Wraight

Overall Winners

Overall Winners Fish

Major Random Draw Winners

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