Kids Weekend

The Evans Head Fishing Classic was surrounded by kids on Sunday for the Shimano Fishing Clinic. After a quick tutorial on lure fishing, the kids amassed on the sandbank to try their hand at catching a fish on a soft plastic. Some crafty kids switched to bait and hooks and were duly rewarded with some small bream despite the amount of freshwater in the system. 

The clinic concluded at 1pm and the kids returned for the announcement of the winning fish for the Junior and Cadet categories. 

For the Juniors, there were some close results with Phillipa Swanson with a 408mm bream. Close behind, Archie Swanson and Riley Patterson completed the bream category for Juniors with a 380mm and 371mm fish respectively. 

Madisyn Armfield slayed the largest flathead at 620mm with second coming in at 555mm for Phillipa Swanson. Pania Hayman dominated the whiting category with a 360mm fish. 

The most meritorious went to a Black fish for Madison Philip. Second was a dart and third a poor lowly carp. 

In the Cadet category, the bream category was also won by Phillipa Swanson who had entered both as junior and cadet. Ryder Swanbury come in second with a still healthy 400mm bream.  

The flathead were also greatly contested with a 598mm fish for Maverix Thomas with Sebastian Van Rooyen’s 560mm fish in second. 

The whiting was won by Casper Swanpotter with a 397mm fish and Alyssa Symonds in second with a 361mm fish.  

Most meritorious was a horse of a salmon at 620mm.