Evans Head Classic Day 2 – Sunday

The weather cleared, kind of for the second full day of fishing with some competitors even getting offshore with a snapper coming in. The weather from here should improve allowing more offshore species to be landed. 

The usual suspects appeared again at the top of the lists. Blackfish was won by Tom McCall with a 445mm fish. Bream went to Shane Casson with a 441mm fish which is an absolute donkey for a bream. 

Bernard Richter must be one of the only people who chases dart as he always appears at the top of the list and today was no exception with a 419mm fish. 

Neil Lollbacks 630mm flathead is on the small side but was enough to claim first for the day. Isaac Grant sits in second. 

An 804mm mulloway was landed by George Little and was the only mulloway unfortunate enough to swim past a lure or bait since the event began. His cousin, the trag was also silly enough to swim past Darren Constables bait and get boated. 

Off the stones, tailor are fishing well for Angus Gover with a 650mm fish a clear winner by 100mm. A couple of snapper we guess came in from close and at 891mm for Ron Rayner, could take some beating for overall. 

Finally a little mangrove jack secured meritorious for Alex Campbell who was also lucky to pick up his random drawe win, once again finding himself supporting the Club Evan’s bistro when the moment counted.