Day 7 Friday


As is usually the case, everyone is out there on the last day just trying to catch as many fish as they can, trying to beat their best, and beat their friends. In the offshore department there were a few notable captures. Ethan Donnelly was the only competitor to register a fish in the AJ/Sambo category and it obviously landed him the win for the day. Timothy Tregido’s 1080mm king was also the only fish registered in that category for the day. He won. The offshore mulloway continued to be big solid fish with a 1238 for Katelyn Bodley winning out over Benjamin Campbell’s 1220mm fish. Coady Strong won the Pearl perch edging out Ethan Donnelly and Jamie Beddoes’s 850mm snapper won the day but did not make the overall top three. A 700mm trag for Anna Konya was in first place edging out Brian Arthur for the day.

Closer inshore, whiting was won again by Alexander Klassen with a fat 439mm fish. We are fairly sure he won at least one category every day. Henry Phillips won the tailor for the day. The flathead were all pretty solid but did not land any angler on the overall leader board. Martin Soutar’s 735mm fish beat Adrian Schooth’s 676.Ryan Kernaghan won dart…again. A long 447mm bream won that category for Natalee Reynolds while Joshua Hotschlit won the blackfish with a 435mm fish.

Meritorious went to Tony Bodley with a blue morwong of 465mm.

A bunch of random draws were held in between the dailies and the overall winner while the judging panel ran their rulers over the results making sure they were 100% correct.