Day 5 Wednesday

 Day Five dawned and dished up just a couple of showers early on before clearing to a magnificent day. Several competitors reported average conditions outside but that did not stop the quality fish from coming in.

Inshore, the sun shined fiercely, and the sunscreen was in plentiful supply, that is until presentation time when the heavens opened just as we started to go through the winners. Some keen beans stayed in their seats amidst the hardest of the rainfall, while most found the nearest cover for protection. Thankfully, it passed before anyone was swept away.


Just like the previous day, only the keenest ventured outside to chase the offshore species. There were a host of quality fish caught too including a bang on 1 metre AJ/Sambo for Ethan Donnely. Close behind was Brad Mayes with a 936mm. Elsewhere Tahlia Robson landed a 969mm kingfish to place first for the day in that category. Solid pearlies also came in with a 607mm for Brad Mayes taking out first. Snapper also were impressive fish with an 850mm model for D J McKenna. A 600m trag for Ty Parkinson beat out Tahlia Robson and David Bodley.

Inshore, a massive 510mm blackfish for Mitchell Rizzardini was almost 10cm clear of the nearest for Brendon Palmer. Bream and Tarwhine for day five was won by Adam Nicholls while off the beach, Bernard Richter won dart for about the third day running.

One of the dream fish for anyone chasing flathead is a 1 metre plus fish and that dream came true for Mal Hancock with a 1 metre model landing him in first for day five and almost a certainty for an overall victory. You do not see many fish of that quality.

A stonker Tailor of 833mm was landed by Ryan Kernaghan for a day five win while whiting was won by Bruce Jobson by 8mm with a 418mm fish.